Aztec UK Ltd

Aztec UK Ltd is the British subsidiary of the Aztec Washer Company. We supply the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe with a wide range of Master Flash® roof and pipe flashings, as well as powder coated fixings and our own Master Seal® washers.

Aztec UK is owned by the Aztec Washer Company in California, USA. With an affiliate branch in Poland as well, Aztec has a wide reach of distribution to cater to the needs of any and all customers.

Our extensive range of Master Flash® products, from Standard to Residential, from Retrofit to Extreme Angles, from Low Profile to Solar Flash, is sure to meet the needs of all of our customers. Made of EPDM Rubber or Silicone, our Master Flash® Roof Flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering caused by ozone exposure and ultraviolet light. These two materials mean that we can offer flashings that can withstand temperatures of up to 260ºC and down to -74ºC. Such a large temperature range means that our products are ideal for the heating season and are therefore perfectly suited for chimneys and stoves.